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Backend for Humans of My Life
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HOML backend tech assets exposing data on endpoints for a seperate iOSFlask App in development. app, which is designed to connect you with the many strangers who you've crossed paths with over the day.

To get set up on the project:

  1. Set up virtualenv
    • run "virtualenv venv"
    • to activate run "source venv/bin/activate"
    • to deactivate run "deactivate"
  2. Use pip to install dependencies (in the virtualenv)
  3. Run "python"

Database stuff:

Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install mysql-server libmysqlclient-dev Fedora: yum install python-migrate

Run the following commands:

  • "sudo mysql"
  • "create database homl;"
  • "create user 'homl'@'localhost' identified by 'homl';"
  • "grant all privileges on homl.* to 'homl'@'localhost';"
  • "flush privileges;" Quit out of mysql with "quit". Then run:
  • "./ db migrate"
  • "./ db upgrade"

To check the database subsequently, run "mysql -uhoml -phoml" To change database structure, edit homl/, then run migrate and upgrade again. If you happen to remove the migrations folder, then run init, migrate, then upgrade.

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