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A little LED panel creating atmosphere
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Photo of the LED Fireplace

A little LED panel creating atmosphere (Blog post)

Using a Teensy 3.1 and a 32x16 Pixel Matrix I created a small LED fireplace which provides some nice ambience to the room at dark. The code is heavily based on the Aurora, a more complete art display project.


The code depands on the SmartMatrix3 and FastLED libraries. Both are available through the Arduino Library manager.


Currently the fire is rendered and the display can be turned on/off by touching a bolt on the frame. Touching the bolt cycles through three modes, off, on, and on w/ clock. The clock is apperantly programmed when flashing the board so it works fine without a way to set it but I still want to implement a serial interface to set the clock and maybe auto turn-on/off on schedule.


My small code snippet is available in the Public Domain. All libraries are copyrighted by their respective authors. For more info check the LICENSE file.

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