Simple implementation of the JSend specification for ASP.NET Web API
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Simple implementation of JSON responses in JSend format for ASP.NET Web API.

More information about the JSend specification.

Installing WebApi.JSend

You should install WebApi.JSend with NuGet:

Install-Package WebApi.JSend

This command from Package Manager Console will download and install WebApi.JSend and all required dependencies.

Using WebApi.JSend

The projects ships with JSendApiResponseActionFilter which wraps your response into a JSend JSON. This is all that's necessary to configure basic JSend responses:

var config = new HttpConfiguration();

config.Filters.Add(new JSendApiResponseActionFilter());

If you'd like to convert authorization errors to JSend format, add JSendAuthorizationAttribute either globally as shown below or on each controller/action like you would with regular AuthorizationAttribute.

config.Filters.Add(new JSendAuthorizationAttribute());

Finally, I found it handy to be able to throw exceptions from the service layer and have them convert to a JSend failure response. If you'd like this functionality simply add ApiExceptionToJSendApiResponseActionFilter to your filters.

config.Filters.Add(new ApiExceptionToJSendApiResponseActionFilter());

You can then create your custom exception types as shown below:

public class NotFoundException : ApiException
    public NotFoundException(string message) : base(HttpStatusCode.NotFound, message)
    { }