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CMake module for Mathematica.
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FindMathematica is a CMake module that tries to find a Mathematica installation and provides CMake functions for Mathematica's C/C++ interface.


  • Works with Windows, Linux and OS X versions of Mathematica.
  • Finds Mathematica versions from 5.2 to 10.4.
  • Finds include directories and libraries for LibraryLink (Mathematica 8 to 10).
  • Finds include directories and libraries for WSTP (Mathematica 10).
  • Finds installation directory and JAR file of J/Link.
  • Finds include directories and libraries for MathLink (obsolete as of Mathematica 10).
  • Finds installation directory of Wolfram MUnit testing package.
  • Provides exact version info for Mathematica, LibraryLink, WSTP, MathLink, J/Link and MUnit.
  • Allows for running Mathematica code during CMake configure or build time.
  • Allows for running Mathematica code as a pre-link, pre-build or post-build action.
  • Allows for running Mathematica code in CMake test targets.
  • Allows for running Mathematica MUnit test files and suites as CMake test targets.
  • Supports generating C code from WSTP template files using wsprp executable.
  • Supports generating C code from MathLink template files using mprep executable.
  • Supports building dynamic libraries loadable with LibraryLink (Mathematica 8 to 10).
  • Supports generating stand-alone C code from Mathematica code with CCodeGenerator (Mathematica 8 to 10).
  • Provides CMake interface to Mathematica's Encode function.
  • Supports generating Mathematica documentation with the DocumentationBuild package.
  • Fully leverages CMake's cross-compiling support.



Copy the directory CMake/Mathematica to the root directory of your CMake project. In the top-level CMakeList.txt file, add the module directory to the CMake module search path:



To find the newest Mathematica installation in a CMake listfile, run the find_package command:


See the FindMathematica manual for more information.

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