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Tunnel is a set of scripts that simplify launching remote Mathematica kernels where all established MathLink connections are automatically tunneled through a secure shell connection.


  • Supports launching of remote Mathematica controller kernels and remote Mathematica compute kernels.
  • MathLink connections to the remote kernel are tunneled over SSH. This simplifies connecting to a remote kernel behind a firewall or a NAT router over the Internet.
  • Works with Windows, Linux and OS X versions of Mathematica.
  • Compatible with Mathematica versions from 8.0 to 11.0.


  • A Wolfram Mathematica product (Mathematica, gridMathematica, Wolfram Finance Platform).
  • OpenSSH client and server under Linux and OS X.
  • PuTTY on a Windows Mathematica front end machine.
  • An SSH server on a remote Windows Mathematica kernel machine. See the Tunnel manual for a list of supported SSH servers.


Under Linux or OS X, execute the shell script to install the required scripts to the correct locations for an existing Mathematica installation. Under Windows, execute the batch script install-tunnel.bat to install the required scripts.

The Tunnel related scripts can also be installed manually. See the Tunnel manual for more information.

The installation must be performed on both the local machine that runs the Mathematica front end, and on the remote machine that runs the Mathematica kernel.


See the Tunnel manual for information on

  • How to set up remote controller kernel configurations using the Tunnel scripts in the Mathematica front end kernel configuration options dialog.
  • How to set up remote compute kernels with the Mathematica Parallel package.
  • Technical background information.

Known Issues

Tunnel enabled remote controller kernel launching no longer works for Mathematica 11.1, because Wolfram has switched to a new method of establishing the parallel links between the front end and the controller kernel. Tunnel enabled remote compute controller kernel launching works, though.


Scripts for launching remote Mathematica kernels.




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