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@@ -23,16 +23,16 @@ This plugin currently assumes your application only uses one CouchDB database.
Install with the native Rails plugin installation script:
- script/plugin install git://
+ script/plugin install git://
Or simply add to vendor/plugins and generate the files you need:
script/generate couch_rest_rails relax
-The plugin creates one folder:
+The plugin creates two folder:
-* `db/couch/fixtures` - for storing CouchDB fixtures (yaml)
-* `db/couch/views` - for storing CouchDB map and reduce functions (views)
+* `db/couch/` - for storing CouchDB database information map and reduce functions (views) and lucene indexing (lucence
+* `test/fixtures/couch` - for storing and loading CouchDB fixtures (yaml)
These paths can be customized in an initializer or environment configuration file:
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ There are also some simple matchers you can can use to spec validations. See `s
For models, inherit from CouchRestRails::Document, which hooks up CouchRest::ExtendedDocument to your CouchDB backend and includes the [Validatable]( module:
class YourCouchDocument < CouchRestRails::Document
- use_database 'database_name'
+ use_database :database_name
property :email
property :question
@@ -86,13 +86,18 @@ See the CouchRest documentation and specs for more information about CouchRest::
Custom views--outside of the ones defined in your CouchRestRails::Document models--that you want to push up to the CouchDB database/server instance should be in the following format:
- |-- <design_document_name>
- |-- <view_name>
- |-- map.js
- `-- reduce.js
+ |-- <design_document_name>
+ |-- <view_name>
+ |-- map.js
+ `-- reduce.js
+ /lucene
+ |-- <design_document_name>
+ |-- <lucene_search>
Push up your views via rake (`rake couchdb:views:push`) or within your code or console (`CouchRestRails::Views.push`).
+Push up your lucene doc via rake (`rake couchdb:lucence:push`) or within your code or console (`CouchRestRails::Lucene.push`).
## Further development and testing
To run the test suite, you'll need rspec installed with rspec-rails library enabled for the host application. You can run the tests in the following way:
@@ -103,6 +108,19 @@ To run the test suite, you'll need rspec installed with rspec-rails library enab
(The latter requires the ZenTest gem)
+# Rails integration unit testing
+Create fixture file by via rake (`rake couchdb:fixture:dump[<database_name>]`) or within your code or console (`CouchRestRails::Fixtures.dump[<database_name>]`).
+Add fixtures to rails test:
+class RailsTest < Test::Unit::TestCase
+ couchdb_fixtures :<database_name>
+ ...
* Roll up CouchRest::ExtendedDocument, since it might be deprecated from CouchRest (see CouchRest raw branch)
@@ -112,7 +130,6 @@ To run the test suite, you'll need rspec installed with rspec-rails library enab
* Restful model/controller/test/spec generator
* Gemify
* Add more parseable options to couchdb.yml
-* Expand beyond a single database per application
## License
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ def manifest
record do |m| "db/couch"
+ "test/fixtures/couch"
m.template "couchdb.yml", "config/couchdb.yml"
m.template "couchdb_initializer.rb", "config/initializers/couchdb.rb"

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