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Built with Vanilla.js and some html5 Canvas fun.

Also the development grounds of TangleUI.js

  • A library targeted at Single Page Applications which require Responsive Layouts inside the Html5 Canvas
  • Separates basic layout and transition calculations from App and Component logic
  • Centralizes layout/transition definitions and calculations
  • Supports html elements whose position/transitions depend on Canvas contents (Negate repetition in JS/CSS)
  • Contains minimal animation capabilities
  • Expects layout and transition definitions in specified json format
    • layouts are defined as "percent value rectangles" relative to Landscape, Squarish or Vertical screen sizes
  • Is queried for layout Rectangles, Transitions and Animations
    • Apps call setLayoutBounds() at startup or resize, only default definitions are calculated
    • remaining calculations are made per query, results are cached until next resize

I have designed TangleUI for my own needs following years of wrestling with layout in Flash and Canvas. I will move it to a repo (and available via node) once I have completed and tested a minimum set of features.

Take a look : TangleUI

Layout definitions : SakriDotNetLayout

Transitions definitions : SakriDotNetTransitions

You can currently see implementations in SakriDotNetHomeApp.js, SakriDotNetLoader.js and MenuButton.js

If you are interested in TangleUI, or like what you see in general, contact me at

Thanks for having a look, a good day to you!


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