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Mosaic Programming Language

Low level language long used as a tidier alternative to C.

Current implementation is for 64-bit Windows only.

Summary of features

Download Binaries

Available from

This is the actual compiler, not an installer. Simplest way to download possibly to right-click on the link, and select 'Save Link As' (depends on browser), and specify a location to put it in.

This 0.6MB executable is completely self-contained with no support files required.

Because it is likely to exist outside of normal application areas (C:"Program Files" etc) some AV settings may need to be adjusted to allow it to run unimpeded. But probably the same as already needed if you are a developer creating executables now.

Download Sources

Since Mosaic is written in itself, you can't build from sources without first using the binary above. (At one time it was possible to create a one-file C version so that it could be built with a C compiler, but that is not currently available. Hopefully a C target can be made available again at some point.)

However the sources are here: sources, in the file, which is a single file encapsulation of all the modules. This can be build directly using, for example:

mm -out:mm2.exe

This needs to take care not to overwrite the existing mm.exe which Windows doesn't allow anyway, hence the -out option.

To extract the individual files, build this program with mm: extract, which will write the separate files into ./sources

Example Programs

Some small programs are here: Examples

Building Executables

You will need the compiler mm.exe. Given an example program such as hello.m, build as follows:

mm hello

This compiles hello.m into hello.exe. For a larger program comprising multiple modules, only the lead module (the one containing the start() entry point function) is needed; if the lead module is prog.m:

mm prog

then this will locate and compile all sources into prog.exe (mm is a pretty fast compiler). For other options use:

mm -help

Other Applications

Mosaic is starting to be used with certain C libraries, for example:

This builds a set of bindings around existing libraries that use a C API.

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