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Kubectl KubeCon Plugin
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Kubectl KubeCon Plugin / aka CowCtl

This plugin allows you to keep track how much time remains to the next KubeCon. It gives you a friendly reminder about the conference date and the C4P deadline.

In order to work you need to export the following variables:

  • KUBECON : Set the date for the next KubeCon.
    You can do this by running export KUBECON=2020/03/30

  • KUBECONC4P : Set the date for the KubeCon C4P deadline. You can do this by running export KUBECONC4P=2019/12/04

KubeCon Plugin

Depends on

  • Core Utils: brew install coreutils for gdate
  • Cowsay: brew install cowsay


  • Read Conference List from GitHub
  • Enable Character selection with Env Variable
  • Change color on deadlines approaching
  • Support windows (??)


Kudos to @esteban-aliverti for the Bash/Shell knowledge, Linux date check contributions and CowSay reference.

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