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Open Source

Open Source References, Links, Ideas and thoughts.

My Open Source Journey

After working for some years in different companies that prometed Open Source as part of their core believes I've came to meet a lot of people who explained and promoted Open Source in different ways. Some more passionate, some very practical, some very theoretical, so I will use this repository to keep track of ideas and thougths about how Open Source initiatives impacts different communities, companies and organizations.

The Open Source Initiative defines the following requirements for Open Source Projects:

  • Free redistribution of the software.
  • The source code should be publicly available.
  • The software can be modified and distributed in a different format from the original software.
  • The software should not discriminate against persons or groups.
  • The software should not restrict the usage of other software.

Lessons Learned

  • Open Source is a continuous learning experience
  • Contributions Matters more than credentials
    • Influence will come from value added, not your title
  • Open Source is changing with the Cloud
  • Being part of Open Source is an active task, you cannot be a passive consumer
  • Sharing is an innate part of learning

Sharing/teaching something is always challenging, because it implies spending time preparing, summarizing and understanding something well enough to be able to explain it to someone else. From that angle, having a blog where you can continously share with other your lessons learned was key for my Open Source Journey. I've opened around 2008, where I just wrote about the projects that I was using and researching. In the long run, my blog provided me a track record of what've I've done and in conjunction with my GitHub account these two resources replaced the need for having a CV. In other words, I don't want to be hired by someone that doesn't know my blog or my github activity. If they know any of these two resources, they know exactly what I've been doing and interested in the last 10 years and what my core competences are. Contributions Matters more than credentials

Recognition is important in these communities and I haven't realized how important recognition is until I was nominated for JBoss Awards in 2011.

Writing books about the Open Source projects that I loved helped me to raise my profile and gain access to different conferences around the world.

As part of my Open Source Journey, a recent involvement that I had was with the Jenkins X Community and you can read more about that here.

My Open Source Initiatives and Involvements

Some of the projects, foundations and organizations related to Open Source where you can get involved to learn new stuff:

Open Questions

  • Open Source and SaaS
    • How does Open Source Software relates to Cloud Services and Managed Solutions? Is it loosing relevance or importance from a competition point of view?
    • From a monetization point of view, how does the business model changes or adapts when Open Source software wants to be monetized as a SaaS offering
    • Do you kill an open source community if you decide to focus on a SaaS product/service?
  • Gov Country Related
    • Which goverments promote Open Source actively? How does these programs looks like?

Get Started with Open Source

I am a huge advocate for Open Source and I am really interested in participating and sharing my experiences with other people, as well as helping people to get their Open Source Journey started. Feel free to reach out if you feel that I can help you to get started. Ways to reach out:



Open Source References, Links, Ideas and thoughts.







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