Download all pictures and movies from your wifi-enabled GoPro camera
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A simple (one class) java app to download all files from your wifi-enabled GoPro camera. It does a "does the file exist" check to skip previously downloaded files, so if you want to re-download, move the previous images and videos to another folder. All files are dropped off in your UserHome/Pictures/gopro folder, which for most OSs, is the regular folder for pictures and videos.


git clone
ant jar
java -jar ./dist/gopro-download.jar


  • If you have a GoPro HERO3 Black with firmware 03.00, After July 31, you can use the software now.
  • But, if you have a HERO3 Black with firmware BELOW 03.00, you need to add a file to your sd card and restart the gopro. Read Why The file is at autoexec.ash which you can right-click and save to the card's root.
  • If you have a HERO3 White/Silver, thats OK, use the software right now.
  • Turn on your camera's wifi in the "gopro app" control mode.
  • Connect your PC (any OS) to the camera's wifi network. If you don't know the password, try "goprohero"
  • Make sure you are connected by trying to open
  • If you are confident, run the jar by double-clicking. If first time, you may want to run from the command line (as shown above) to watch the output.


  • [*] Python version for the noJava people
  • Handle if there is pagination
  • Delete files from the GoPro once checked that they downloaded safely