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Makes ASP.NET MVC routes dashed (hyphenated) and lowercase i.e. [Updated]
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See ata's blog post & discussion

Requires .NET 4.0 or .NET 4.5.


Install-Package **LowercaseDashedRouteEx**

What is new in 1.1 ?

New: Support for 'namespace' constraints are added.
New: Added support for Areas.
New: Many new overloads for the class constructor.


If you use: Html.ActionLink("User Profile", "UserProfile", "Account")

Without Lowercase Dashed Route the url is:

With Lowercase Dashed Route the url is:

Initial Configuration

Open RouteConfig.cs in App_Start folder. Comment out old routes.MapRoute(...) call and instead use:
routes.Add(new LowercaseDashedRoute("{controller}/{action}/{id}",
    new RouteValueDictionary(
        new { controller = "Home", action = "Index", id = UrlParameter.Optional }),
        new DashedRouteHandler()

If you are using areas, use the code below in your XxxAreaRegistration.cs file instead of default one and replace "AreaName"s with yours:

var route = new LowercaseDashedRoute("AreaName/{controller}/{action}/{id}",
        new RouteValueDictionary(
                action = "Index",
                id = UrlParameter.Optional
        new DashedRouteHandler(),
context.Routes.Add("AreaName_default", route);

Ata Sasmaz
Salar Khalilzadeh alpha

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