isBizMail tells you whether a given email address belongs to a free email account provider (,, etc) or not.
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isBizMail tells you whether a given email address is free (,, etc) or not. Detects around 4-5k domains and sub-domains.

Under the hood isBizMail mostly relies on 3-rd party domain lists created by people and organizations mentioned in Credits section.

Looking for PHP, .NET etc?

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You can install isBizMail for JavaScript via your prefered dependency manager, e.g. Yarn

yarn add is-biz-mail

or via NPM

npm i is-biz-mail


One of examples of vanilla JavaScript usage might be a simple HTML page:

<script src="path/to/src/javascript/is-biz-mail.js"></script>
    var email = '"',
        result = isBizMail.isValid(email);
    console.log([email, result]);   // (2) ["", false]

CommonJS / ES5 / ES6 module, Node.js etc

const isBizMail = require('is-biz-mail');

let email = '',
    result = isBizMail.isFreeMailAddress(email);
console.log([email, result]);   // (2) ["", true]
// ...

Testing: Mocha + Should.js

yarn test

or via NPM

npm install
npm test    # or ./node_modules/.bin/mocha