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A fork from the euappcjit project on sourceforge.
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E-UAE PowerPC JIT project v1.0.0

This project is a fork of the E-UAE Amiga emulation project. You can find the
original project's pages here:

Please also read the details of the original project in the included
README_original file.

The goal of the project is implementing Just-In-Time compiling for PowerPC
processors, using (some of) the already available intel x86 implementation.

For further details please have a look on the project blog:

You can find the actual project sources in the SourceForge project:

If you would like to support the project then please consider a small donation:

Thank you!

Stable Release v1.0.0
The most important features of the fifth beta version are:

 * Final bug fixes for the release.
This is the first public stable release of the project.
You can get an idea of what is coming in the next release by peeking into the
tickets at the project SourceForge page:

Please read the How to use and the Known issues sections carefully before
you start using the release.

You can also find a comparison of the original E-UAE v0.8.29 and this version
in the What is the difference section.

This emulator is backward compatible with the original v0.8.29, you can use
the same tools or even the same configuration files with some JIT compiling-
related changes.

Files in this package
You can find the following directories and files in the package:

  amiga      - Amiga binary tools (see docs)
  docs       - documentation from the original E-UAE sources with adjustments
  COPYING    - license document
  make_hdf   - Make HDF file tool for creating hard disk images (see docs)
  readdisk   - Disk image reading tool (see docs)
  README     - this file what you are reading now
  README_original - original README file that came with v0.8.29
  uae        - Generic E-UAE executable compiled for running in an Amiga window

What is the difference
Here are the differences between the original v0.8.29 and this version:

* Some minor fixes were applied on certain files when it was necessary.

* The x86 JIT compiling was removed completely.

* The PowerPC JIT compiling was implemented from scratch, some support 
  functions were reused from the x86 implementation.
* New configuration items are available for the new JIT implementation.
  (See docs/configuration.txt.)
* CyberGraphX overlay screen support (for MorphOS only at the moment)
* Some configuration items for JIT were removed.
  (See docs/configuration.txt.)

* An indicator LED were introduced for the JIT compiler state.
  (See docs/configuration.txt.)

* Collected various fixes from different individual forked releases of the
  original E-UAE versions.

* G5 (PowerPC 970/FX/GX/MP) support.
All other aspects of the emulation remained the same as it was available
already in E-UAE v0.8.29 (as of 20/08/2008).

Changes since the previous release (JITPPCBETA05)

* Changed version number to v1.0.0 to match the release number, beta tags
  won't be used anymore. (Ticket [#70])

* Introduced JIT_DEBUG and JIT_DEBUG_VERBOSE compile time defines for
  separating a debug build from a release. This change will improve the
  speed of the release binary slightly. (Ticket [#71])


* Fixed register dependency AND #imm,CCR and XOR #imm,CCR instructions.
 (Ticket #68)

* Fixed flag dependency in MULL.W instruction. (Ticket #67)

* Fixed operand size and register dependency in MOVE.W CCR,Dx. (Ticket #66)

* Fixes from Mike Blackburn for Linux/MacOS builds:
  - Some fixes from P-UAE (various detections, typos, etc.)
  - A few minor changes to CPU specific options and the way these are
     o Amcc 440/460 hopefully now works, running under linux.
     o Try to determine cache sizes.
     o CPU specific compiler options, currently Linux only.

How to use
First of all: please read the list of available configuration items in the
docs/configuration.txt file, especially regarding the JIT compiling

You can reuse the same configuration files, HD image files, prepared folders
that were already working with the previous E-UAE version.

However, for testing the JIT implementation please make sure you set up
the configuration exactly as listed below:
    cpu_type=68020 (or 68EC020, 68040, 68060, see Known issues)
    cachesize=8192 (or higher)
    comp_trustbyte=indirect (see Known issues)

These settings will make sure you get the best performance from the JIT
compiled code and workaround any known issues.

Please have a look at the docs/configuration.txt file for the details of
these settings.

Regarding the processor settings please note: the JIT implementation is
depending on the availability of the processor cache, any software that turns
the code cache off won't be JIT compiled.
Same applies to the processor type: those processors types which don't have
cache cannot be used together with the JIT compiling (these are: 68000, 68010).

In case you are not sure whether the JIT compiling works or not with your
configuration: turn on the JIT LED. (See show_leds in docs/configuration.txt.)
If the JIT was set up properly then the JIT LED will blink green on the screen.
This feature is available only on standard Amiga (non-RTG) screens.

* For AmigaOne X1000 (PWRficient PA6T-1682M) users:
Please use the binary from the archive which is tagged with "X1000":
The current build is an experimental version, there is no final support for
PA6T processor yet.

* For G5 (PowerPC 970/FX/GX/MP) users:
(Applicable to MacOSX only at the moment.)
Please use the binary from the archive which is tagged with "G5": E-UAE_G5.
The generic build is running on G5, but it is much slower due to missing
instructions which are emulated by the operating system.

* For MorphOS G5 (PowerPC 970/FX/GX/MP) users:
G5 processor is not supported in this release. Currently the PPC970 target
is not supported by the official SDK, as soon as this situation is improved
I will release a special build for G5 processors.
The current build will not perform well on G5 due to the missing instructions
on the G5 architecture.
Please look for G5-compatible builds for the same E-UAE version from other

How to report a bug
When you think you have found a bug and would like to report it please make
sure you follow these steps:

1. Check whether the bug was already known. You can find the bug tickets on
   the SourceForge project page:

2. Make sure you are using the most recent version of the emulator.
   Check the SourceForge page for any updates:

   You can check the version of your emulator when you start it from command
   line, this will be the very first output from the program.

   On AmigaOS(-like) systems you can also use the standard version command to
   get the version of the UAE executable.

   The version number includes a tag for the beta releases, for example:

3. Make sure JIT compiling is running, read through the How to use
   section and follow the instructions regarding the configuration.
4. Try to run the emulated program with this diagnostic option in the
   emulation configuration:
   If the emulator quits with this error message:
   "JIT: cache consistency error, memory changed since code was compiled"
   Then the emulated program is not compatible with the current implementation
   of JIT compiling.

5. Try to reproduce the bug without optimization: turn off the optimization
   in the configuration and try to reproduce the bug. (comp_optimize=false)

6. Try to reproduce the bug without JIT compiling: turn off the JIT compiling
   in the configuration and try to reproduce the bug. (cachesize=0)

7. If you were able to reproduce the bug without JIT compiling then try to
   reproduce it on the previous version of E-UAE.
   If you are able to reproduce it then it is a generic E-UAE bug. Fixing
   these issues is not a goal for the E-UAE PPC JIT project. You might still
   report it, but most likely it won't be fixed in this project.

8. If you think you had found a bug related to the JIT compiling then try to
   make sure you can reproduce the bug consistently (or often enough) and
   please describe the exact details at reporting, provide the software that
   triggers the problem.

9. See Contacts section for getting in touch with me. Gather all information
   and send it to me by email.

Known issues
* The following instructions are planned, but not implemented yet for the
  JIT compiling at the moment:

  - (Ticket #8) compare against bounds instructions (CMP2);

  - (Ticket #10) the FPU instructions were not implemented yet, these are coming
    at a later stage of the project.

  Even though these instructions are not compiled, a fall-back mechanism kicks
  in and these will be executed by the interpretive emulation.
  Any software that is relying on these instructions will be still working.

* (Ticket #11) E-UAE does not support 68030 processor type, if this processor
  was selected then it falls back to 68010.

* (Ticket #12) As it is stated in the original configuration documentation:
  the 68060 emulation is incomplete, therefore it might not work properly.

* (Ticket #15) The direct memory access is not completed yet, theoretically it
  might work for certain software, but I suggest to turn it off by adding these
  lines to the configuration: 

* (Ticket #19) On-screen LEDs are not visible on the Picasso96 RTG screens,
  so the JIT LED indicator is not useful on these screen modes.

* (Ticket #62 and related tickets) Some programs are relying on precise
  emulation of chipset timing. JIT compiled code is not able to provide this
  level of precision, because it is more optimized to have better performance.
  The result of slips in chipset timing might show up as flickering or
  inconsistent behavior of the emulated program. These programs are not
  compatible with the current JIT implementation.

Where to get the sources
You can find the current project sources at the SourceForge project pages:

Notes for compiling the sources
For general notes for compiling please refer to the README_original file.

To compile on Mac OSX 10.3.9 or earlier:

Autoconf2.57 and automake1.6 mess up @OBJCFLAGS@ and is not really compatible. 

Get the correct versions - replacing the previous version :
./configure --bindir=/usr/bin --datarootdir=/usr/share && make install
./configure --bindir=/usr/bin --datadir=/usr/share && make install

For Mac OSX 10.4.x and 10.3.x: 
Latest SDL.framework is not properly detected. 
Using the SDL.framework already in at
Copy SDL.framework/Headers from the latest SDL.framework and put the framework
in /Library/Frameworks/
./configure --enable-jit --without-x --with-sdl-gl --with-cocoa-gui

Source installed SDL is also detected.

For AmigaOS4:
You need to link libamiga to the binary otherwise the TimeDelay macro won't
work. To do so add this parameter to the configure script:
./configure LIBS=-lamiga

Send any opinion, bug reports, patches, etc. to
Almos Rajnai (almos dot rajnai at GMail)

You can also get in touch with me using the Contact form at the project blog:

Special thanks
I would like to thank the constant support to

  Thunder, kas1e, MickJT, Fab, Luigi Burdo, Samir Hawamdeh,
  Tobias Netzel, Mike Blackburn and Chris Handley

for helping me with lots of things regarding bug finding, fixing,
platform support and constantly watching out for the updates on the repository.

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