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A WordPress plugin that is vulnerable to SQL injection.
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SQL Vulnerable Footer

WARNING: This plugin should NEVER be run in a production environment. It should only be run on a local development site.

This plugin exposes an SQL Injection Vulnerability.


When adding ?id={user_id} to a URL, the display_name for the user will be displayed in the footer.


On my local site, adding ?id=1 displays

User 1 Display Name is Sal Ferrarello

in the footer.

How to Exploit the SQL Vulnerability

Adding a UNION SELECT allows you to access other information, e.g.

Get Email Addresses

?id=1 UNION SELECT user_email as display_name from is_users LIMIT 100 OFFSET 1

You can increment the final number to see other email addresses, e.g.

?id=1 UNION SELECT user_email as display_name from is_users LIMIT 100 OFFSET 2

Other Database Columns

By replacing user_email with another database column in the WordPress User table (e.g. user_pass), you can view the information in that column.

More Secure Implementations

This plugin includes three functions that get a user's display name,

  • bad_get_display_name() default, has an SQL Injection Vulnerability
  • better_get_display_name() SQL Injection Vulnerability eliminated
  • best_get_display_name() uses native WordPress functions instead of querying the database directly, thereby eliminating the vulnerability

Additional Reading


Sal Ferrarello / @salcode

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