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A framework for implementing reconfigurable rendering pipelines in C++ / OpenGL

The framework exposes OpenGL functionality thru an object oriented interface. It's still work in progress but supports the following constructs so far:

  • vertex, geometry and fragment shaders (including the ability to parse text files into these objects.)
  • programs, which expose vertex inputs / outputs thru a parameterized interface.
  • buffers, which expose texture target binding for shader output.
  • 2D and 3D (Cubemap) textures.
  • geometry.

The framework also has a couple higher level constructs:

  • Passes: a way to organize the rendering code associated with a program / buffer combination.
  • Material: a way to proxy a program's attributes (shader uniforms) so the program can be shared among different geometry.


  • glfw for GL context / window creation.
  • glm for linear algebra constructs (i.e. vec3, mat4).
  • glew if your system does not otherwise expose a GL 4.1 or greater API.

How to use it:

  1. Make sure you have the above dependencies.
  2. Include the whole GPUKit source folder in your project, or build it into a library and link against that.
  3. Include GPUKit.h in your code.
  4. Make sure to call GPUKit::init before using anything else from the API.
  5. Use the framework.
  6. Make sure to call GPUKit::shutdown when you are done and want to tear down the OpenGL context and window.


There is an example folder that uses the framework to render the following scene. It comes with 3d models as well as all passes and shaders for a deferred pipeline including dynamic point shadows and bloom.

Please note that the example uses Assimp to parse fbx / obj files into geometry objects. You'll need that lib too if you want to use the project as is.

Copyright (c) 2016 Federico Saldarini

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A framework for implementing reconfigurable rendering pipelines in C++ / OpenGL







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