VR teleportation component for Unreal Engine
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VR Teleport

This plugin provides an easy way to add teleportation capabilities to any pawn in the context of VR.

The plugin introduces a new component (VRTeleportComponent) to the engine, which automatically takes care of a number of things involved in teleporting a player in VR, including:

  • ray-casting and hit-testing (in line or projectile mode).
  • avoiding blocking the ray cast with its owning actor.
  • checking for the hit point being orthogonal with the ground.
  • showing and hiding a marker of the teleport location.
  • accounting for camera offset from the VR bounds when teleporting to a new target location.
  • providing a default animation for teleportation (fade out and translate).

The component also handles replication / authority for multiplayer scenarios and has a number of events which can be implemented in either C++ or Blueprints to further customize its behavior.


  1. Download the source and place the whole folder in the Plugins folder of either the engine or your project.
  2. Rebuild your C++ project so that the plugin is compiled for your architecture.


you can find a quick start with images here.

LinkedIn | 0xfede.io | GitHub