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A neural net classifier trained in Python and deployed to iOS via Objective-C++


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Digits: A neural net classifier trained in Python and deployed to iOS via Objective-C++

This project shows how to generate and train a series of handwritten digit classifiers in Python and deploy a final model (99% accuracy) in iOS. For more info on the training procedure and results see this post.

The project is divided into 2 parts:

Part 1: Training and Testing in Python (python folder):

  1. Models were generated for a combination of hyper parameters and topologies and trained on the MNIST dataset.
  2. The best 5 models were kept and tested both on a portion of the MNIST test set as well as custom images.
  3. A final model was chosen out of the 5 to deploy to iOS.

Due to space considerations, the project only contains the final model, along with stats for the whole training session of all models.


  • the entry point for training and testing.
  • the training algorithm, including topology + hyperparameter search.
  • testing algorithms for both MNIST as well as custom images, including OpenCV code to preprocess custom images.
  • plotting of training statistics.
  • data: the MNIST dataset plus custom images used in testing.
  • training: a copy of the the final model and training stats from the session in which the final model as well as many others were generated.

Part 2: Deploying to iOS (ios folder):

An iOS app was implemented to take photographs, preprocess them and run the trained model on them to predict digits.


  • ViewController: Manages both the UI of the app and an instance of NNModel to do all preprocessing and prediction.
  • NNModel: The iOS-side model, written in Objective-C++ to interoperate between Cocoa, OpenCV and the trained model.
  • nn.hpp, arithmetic.hpp, activation.hpp: C++ implementation of subset of NNKit (originally written in Python), necessary to use the trained model in iOS.
  • 3rdparty: C++ libraries used by the NNKit C++ subset.





After downloading or cloning the repo:

  • Python: just pip install -r requirements.txt
  • iOS / Xcode: download the OpenCV framework and link against it in the Xcode project.


A neural net classifier trained in Python and deployed to iOS via Objective-C++







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