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We want to spread the idea of "Project Ingeborg" (a.k.a. by enabling you to do the same we did: promoting artists from our region in our region. For this purpose we give you a handy WordPress plugin and documented the way we did.

There are lots of different ways to do this - this documentation is only one of them. You don't have to follow our guideline, you are free to do with the source code and the plugin whatever you want. The way we describe in this documentation worked for us.

If you start your own Project Ingeborg, you will have a substantial amount of work but you will be rewarded too. You will get in contact with artists and other exciting people. Plus: You can do something good: You will make a great contribution to the artist's community in your region and maybe help the one or the other to make a living. Thank you for doing it!

The plugin is pretty powerful, you can do a lot of different things - there can be funny and useful, cool and surprizing use cases.

The is available at [] (

Have fun! Bruno Hautzenberger & Georg Holzer

Content of this documentation

Last but not least: If you do a project like this ... please let us know about it. We are so curious where this idea spreads! Our email is

For developers


Project Ingeborg, the plugin and this documentation is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Unported.

CC 3.0 BY

Contact us

We do Project Ingeborg next to our jobs. If you do not mind getting a late reply - feel free to contact us:

Thank You!

Project Ingeborg is proudly supported by the Austrian Internet Foundation IPA

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