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Community guidelines

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If you want to use the name "Project Ingeborg" and/or host your site under the, there are a few guidelines you are supposed to follow.

your city team

  1. Artists first It's all about the artists. Without them you would have only a buch of stickers next to the road. They give your team amazing content that attracts people and in exchange you help them that they get discovered more easily.
  2. Respect copyright It is damn easy to break copyright. Pay attention to every single detail or file and stay safe.
  3. Make good choices Not anyone who can hold a guitar or use Microsoft Word is an artist. Keep friendship aside and choose among the best. But don't
  4. Live harmony If your team encounters a dispute, sort it out with respect and find compromises. If you cannot choose between two artists, find a way to publish both of them.
  5. Advertising You are free to cover your expenses through affiliate links or advertising, but do not put advertising over regards for the artist. Pleas, make it as decent as possible. You shall never insert advertising directly into an artist's work (e.g. preroll to a song or commercial advertisement into an ebook).


Parts of the branding will soon be subject to change. The reason behind this is a change of fonts, as we want to go there open source too.

  1. Spelling shall always be written like this and never ever like the following examples: "Pingeborg" "pingeborg" "PINGEBORG" or "".
  2. Project name The short name "" shall be spelled globally in the same way. The full name comes from the language you use. German: "Projekt Ingeborg", English: "Project Ingeborg", Frech: "Projet Ingeborg", Italian: "Progetto Ingeborg", Hindi: "परियोजना Ingeborg" etc.
  3. Pronounciation shall never be spelled like [ˈpɪŋəbo:g]. The name derives from the German female name "Ingeborg".
  4. Brand material Using the photograph from Interborg Bachmann on any print material requires a credit to the photographer ("Kudrnofsky") next to it. If you are using this image on the (mobile) website or app, you should give credit to "Wolfgang Kudrnofsky" in the imprint or any other notes. The allowance to use the image is limited to 31st Dec, 2015.


  1. API we are providing a simple yet growing set of APIs that you are free to use. We will do everything to keep thos APIs as stable as possible. In the case of changes, you will see notifications here at the wiki.
  2. Registration Soon we will ask you to register as a developer for This will be voluntarily but recommended. This way we will be able to notify you about upcoming changes.
  3. Naming of apps and services asdf
  4. Efficiency We would love it if you make very efficient use of API calls. Thanks.
  5. Abusive use We do not want to make too tight rules, but we want to tell you upfront a few things that we will not allow:

  • publishing the URLs behind the NFC tags, QR codes and the likes. should be a solely mobile experience for your and our users. Even if it is easy to cheat, we do not encourage that in any way.
  • false advertising as an "official app or services".
  • grabbing content in any way and making availiable outside or a mobile app
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