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@maarcingebala maarcingebala released this 04 Nov 08:47

Welcome to 2.11 release of Saleor!



Breaking Changes

  • Refactored JWT support. Requires handling of JWT token in the storefront (a case when the backend returns the exception about the invalid token). - #5734, #5816 by @korycins
  • New logging setup will now output JSON logs in production mode for ease of feeding them into log collection systems like Logstash or CloudWatch Logs - #5699 by @patrys
  • Deprecate WebhookEventType.CHECKOUT_QUANTITY_CHANGED - #5837 by @korycins
  • Anonymize and update order and payment fields; drop PaymentSecureConfirm mutation, drop Payment type fields: extraData, billingAddress, billingEmail, drop gatewayResponse from Transaction type - #5926 by @IKarbowiak
  • Switch the HTTP stack from WSGI to ASGI based on Uvicorn - #5960 by @patrys
  • Add MANAGE_PRODUCT_TYPES_AND_ATTRIBUTES permission, which is now required to access all attributes and product types related mutations - #6219 by @IKarbowiak