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.github v3.0.1 Mar 3, 2017
.nuget Newest plug-in fixes/development changes added with latest executable. Jan 20, 2017
SuiteCRMAddIn 3.0.18b release build Feb 15, 2019
SuiteCRMAddInSetup release build Feb 11, 2019
SuiteCRMAddInTests #4745: Build Jan 28, 2019
SuiteCRMAddInWixSetup 3.0.18b release build Feb 15, 2019
.gitattributes Merge branch 'dotnet451' into develop Dec 19, 2018
.gitignore Some progress made, but potential version mess. Dec 1, 2017
Doxyfile 3.0.18b release build Feb 15, 2019 3.0.18b release build Feb 15, 2019
SuiteCRMAddIn.pot Basic support for i18n Jun 21, 2017
SuiteCRMOutlookAddIn.sln Attempt to create a great deal more robustness, especially around the… Feb 8, 2019
UpgradeLog.htm Adding new code and updating versions for phase 2 beta release. Feb 18, 2016 Added more package documentation May 19, 2017 Changed licence from GNU AFFERO GPL to GNU LESSER GPL, globally. Feb 23, 2017

SuiteCRM Outlook Plug-in

What's in this repository

SuiteCRM Outlook Plug-In v

This repository has been created to allow community members to collaborate and contribute to the project.

For release notes and documentation on the plug-in, please visit

Important: Please read before developing code intended for inclusion in the SuiteCRM Outlook Plug-In project.

Please read, print, sign, scan and email the following contributor agreement

The Contributor Agreement only needs to be signed once for all pull requests and contributions.

Once signed and confirmed, any pull requests will be considered for inclusion in the SuiteCRM project.

Support & Licensing

SuiteCRM is an open source project. As such please do not contact us directly via email or phone for SuiteCRM support. Instead please use our support forum. By using the forum the knowledge is shared with everyone in the community. Our developers answer questions on the forum daily but it also gives the other members of the community the opportunity to contribute. If you would like customisations to specifically fit your SuiteCRM needs then please use our contact form.

SuiteCRM Outlook Plug-In is published under the LGPLv3 license.

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