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Remove mention of inexistant "Reschedule" button.

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pgorod committed Mar 10, 2020
1 parent 3b2548c commit a2cd6dccf9d0e3b03d064fa5e4f6c8415132bfd8
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@@ -44,9 +44,8 @@ You can also close a Meeting by clicking the Close button on the Detail
View of a Meeting. You can also click the Close and Create New button.
This will close the Meeting you are viewing and redirect you to the Edit
View to create a new record.
* To Reschedule a Meeting, you can click the Reschedule button on the
Detail View of a Meeting. For a detailed guide on rescheduling Meetings,
see the link:./../../advanced-modules/reschedule/[Reschedule] section of this user guide.
* To Reschedule a Meeting, you can edit its `Start Date & Time` field. A practical way to do it
is to double-click to inline-edit the directly from the Detail View of a Meeting.
* To delete one or multiple Meetings, you can select multiple records
from the List View and click delete. You can also delete a Meeting from
the Detail View by clicking the Delete button. For a more detailed guide

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