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Salesforce Lightning Design System Build Status

Welcome to the Salesforce Lightning Design System brought to you by Salesforce UX.

  • Tailored for building Salesforce apps: Using the Lightning Design System markup and CSS framework results in UIs that reflect the Salesforce Lightning look and feel.
  • Continuously updated: As long as you’re using the latest version of the Lightning Design System, your pages are always up to date with Salesforce UI changes.

Quick start

gem install bundler
npm install
npm start

Having trouble getting these steps to work on your machine? Follow the troubleshooting guide below.


Install gulp globally:

npm install --global gulp


Generate and run the Lightning Design System.

gulp serve

Run the lightning design system.

Faster than gulp, as it won't re-generate the whole site before starting the server. Useful when mainly working on styles.

gulp lint

Lint the code base for syntax and stylistic errors.

# Lint indentation, Sass, JavaScript files
gulp lint

# Lint languages independently
gulp lint:sass
gulp lint:js
gulp lint:js:test
gulp lint:spaces
gulp lint:html
gulp lint:vnu (optional: --component "{trees_base_with*,trees_base_deep*}")


gulp pages: generate the site’s pages.

gulp styles: compile Sass to CSS.

gulp clean

Delete temporary build and local files.


npm run stats: Useful stats about the project's deliverables.


npm test: run all tests


npm and Node.js

The Salesforce Lightning Design System uses npm to manage dependencies. Please install Node.js, and try running npm install again.

If Node.js is already installed, make sure you’re running v6 or up.

Ruby dependencies

Ruby comes pre-installed on macOS. For other systems, check

If gem install bundler fails, run sudo gem install bundler and try running npm install again.

JavaScript and compilation issues

JavaScript dependencies sometimes get out of sync and inexplicable bugs start to happen. Follow these steps to give a fresh start to your development environment:

  1. The installed npm version must be at least v3.10. You can update your npm with: npm install npm -g (sudo may be required).
  2. Re-install dependencies: rm -Rf node_modules && npm install
  3. npm start

If this did not work, try running npm cache clean and repeat the above steps.

Contributing to the code base



Got feedback?

Please open a new GitHub Issue.