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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

3.1.0 - 10/2/2017

Library updated with Winter '18 tokens

3.0.7 - 6/5/2017

Added color overrides. Reordered the sample app library listing. Updated the usage docs.

3.0.6 - 3/8/2017

Updated the usage docs.

3.0.5 - 3/2/2017

Fixed an issue with locating the framework bundle.

3.0.4 - 3/1/2017

Updated links in to absolute paths (for CocoaPods site documentation).

3.0.3 - 2/27/2017

Instructions updated to reflect detailed pod installation.

3.0.0 - 2/15/2017

With the introduction of the 3.0.0 release of the SLDS iOS library, there were a fair amount of API changes. Where possible functions were marked as deprecated but not everywhere. The new library aimed to add simplicity wherever possible.


  • Integration of the Spring ’17 SLDS Design tokens
  • Additional SalesforceSans font family support
  • Font substitution mechanism for overriding default fonts
  • A swift based sample and library reference app
  • ObjectiveC unit tests
  • Library generation script unit tests


  • Comprehensive rewrite of the library generation gulp scripts
  • File templates have been ported to nunjunks
  • Consolidated all icons into a single icon font
  • Consolidated SLDS Token values to .h files only

Pre 3.0.0

Previous release notes are available on GitHub: