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Lightning Design System Starter Kit Circle CI

Starter Kit by Salesforce UX

Rapid prototyping environment using the Salesforce Lightning Design System, HTML, and Sass.

Who is this for?

From the prototyper to the large application developer… the Design System Starter Kit is a helpful tool to get started and run prototypes of all sizes in the browser.


The starter kit is built using web standards, more specifically HTML and CSS. Copy and pasting markup from is quick and easy. No need to be a front-end guru to start designing in the browser!

Salesforce Developers

Setting a whole demo org for a quick prototype can take time and effort, whereas cloning the starter kit and putting a few components together only takes a few minutes. Deploying your prototype to Heroku for free – in only 2 clicks – is also lightning fast!

Set-up (private) 🔒

If you plan to have internal-facing work in your starter kit app that you don't want public, using a private repository is recommended. One method to achieve that is to import this Starter Kit repository into a new private one (details):

  1. Open
  2. In the Your old repository's clone URL field, enter:
  3. In the Your new repository details field, enter a unique name for your new starter kit repository.
  4. Under Privacy, be sure to select the Private option :)
  5. Click Begin Import
  6. Once your new repository is created, move onto Quick Start

Set-up (public)

  1. Fork this repository or download it onto your computer

Quick Start

Pre-requisites: Node.js 12 or higher.

  1. Clone your new repository onto your computer if you've imported or forked.
  2. In a terminal, cd into the directory where you cloned or downloaded your Starter Kit repository.
  3. Run npm install
  4. Run npm run dev (or gulp)
  5. Open http://localhost:3000

That’s it! You can start by editing the src/views/index.html file and build awesome prototypes.

Tip: copy markup from the Lightning Design System Components and paste it into the HTML files of the starter kit.

Deploy to Heroku

Deploy your own prototype for free to Heroku in only 2 clicks.


Your work is confidential? Fill in a username and password in the Heroku settings.

What’s inside?


Which browsers does the Starter Kit support?

When it comes to the CSS, the Starter Kit has the same support level as the Lightning Design System itself. See the list of supported browsers.

For JavaScript, at the moment only a few very recent browsers are supported (Chrome & Firefox recommended).

Is there a showcase of prototypes using the Starter Kit?

Not yet, but we’d love to know about your creations! Feel free to get in touch in the issues of the project. In the mean time, you can check out the example prototype.

How do I update to use the latest version of the Salesforce Lightning Design System?

If you've had this project installed for a while, the SLDS version will stay the same as the version that was current when you cloned the project. To update to the latest public release of SLDS, in Terminal, run:

npm update @salesforce-ux/design-system

How would I update my fork if Salesforce updates the Starter Kit?

To sync your fork, browse to: {{your GitHub and repository URL}}/compare/master...salesforce-ux:master

On that page, click Create pull request and proceed to merge the pull request if all looks good.

Then, in Terminal, from your fork's project folder, run:

git checkout master
git pull origin master

Or, in GitHub Desktop, click Fetch origin and then Pull origin.

See Also

The Design System UI Kit is a great way for designers to put beautiful static prototypes together.

Using React? Check out the react branch (beta)!