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Salesforce Lightning Design System
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Salesforce Lightning Design System Build Status

Welcome to the Salesforce Lightning Design System brought to you by Salesforce UX.

  • Tailored for building Salesforce apps: Using the Lightning Design System markup and CSS framework results in UIs that reflect the Salesforce Lightning look and feel.
  • Continuously updated: As long as you’re using the latest version of the Lightning Design System, your pages are always up to date with Salesforce UI changes.

Quick start

  1. Clone the project with git clone
  2. Run npm install in the root design-system folder.
  3. Run npm start to launch the Previewer.
  4. Visit http://localhost:3003/local/preview

Having trouble getting these steps to work on your machine? Follow the troubleshooting guide.


previewer blueprint/variant/modifier selection

The previewer is an interactive tool for creating blueprints.

It runs at the designated url on startup and is the primary means of viewing your work - it will live update as you make changes.

You can choose the blueprint, variant, and modifiers to preview as well as background color and screen size. It also previews the sass docs.

Everything in the design system is driven by annotations and the previewer is no different. To see any work in the previewer, you must add annotations to your code.


See the annotations guide.

Blueprint Documentation

See the blueprint documentation guide.


npm start

Start the Lightning Design System preview app.

npm run gulp -- lint

Lint the code base for syntax and stylistic errors.

# Lint indentation, Sass, JavaScript files
npm run gulp -- lint

# Lint languages independently
npm run gulp -- lint:sass
npm run gulp -- lint:javascript
npm run gulp -- lint:javascript:test
npm run gulp -- lint:spaces
npm run gulp -- lint:html

# HTML5 validation
npm run gulp -- lint:vnu
# HTML5 validation on comma separated blueprint names
npm run gulp -- lint:vnu --components button,path,trees

# a11y validation
npm run gulp -- lint:a11y
# a11y validation on comma separated blueprint names
npm run gulp -- lint:a11y --components button,path,trees

# Lint examples using vnu, aXe, slds validation, and HTML5 validation
npm run gulp -- lint:examples

Pull Request Checks

To run all the checks a pull request will run in Travis use the following command.

# To run every check against all blueprints
npm run pr-checks

# To run every check but target certain blueprints for slow checks like aXe and vnu
npm run pr-checks -- --components button,path,trees


npm run build && npm run dist

Generate the Lightning Design System into the .dist directory.

npm run gulp -- styles

Compile Sass to CSS into .assets/styles.

npm run gulp -- clean

Delete temporary build and local files.


npm run gulp -- styles:stats: Useful stats about the project's deliverables.


npm test: run all tests


See the troubleshooting guide.

Contributing to the code base

See the contributing guide.


Got feedback?

Please open a new GitHub Issue.

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