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Violet website pulling in documentation from the different Violet projects.

This repository has two branches:

  • master: source files and scripts to generate the website
  • gh-pages: content used by github-pages to host the site

Running Locally

You can run the website locally by typing:

   bundle exec jekyll serve

Working with API Documentation

The generated navigation for the API Documentation has been customized in a few ways:

  • Internal modules are hidden - these are the modules where the framework instantiates a supporting class.
  • Classes are not shown as children of parent modules, since often instances of these Classes are returned through another Object.
  • Plugins are separated out.

To see the generated list you can type the following in a web-browser:


Updating Generated (API) Documentation

API Documentation can be updated by making sure that the other violet projects are siblings to this project with all repositories updated, and then typing:

   rm -rf api; jsdoc -c _jsdoc/conf.json


Updated documentation and any other source files need to be copied to the gh-pages branch. The following command should help (assuming that the repository is checked out in a sibling directory):

  cd ../
  git status
  git commit -am 'Website update'