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Contributing to AI-Economist

Thanks for considering contributing to AI-Economist!

A typical workflow is to start a discussion about bugs or new features in a Github Issue, and work together with us to choose a strategy for a fix or enhancement. We recommend that all code changes are submitted via a Pull Request so we can go over the review process and apply the necessary changes. Please keep the PRs small so they are easy to understand and quick to review.

What to Contribute?

Some of the things we are particularly interested in, include:

  • New Components
  • New Scenarios
  • Learning algorithms
  • Policy models
  • Documentation, examples, and tutorials

However, we are always interested in hearing from you and your ideas!

Code Formatting and Checks

Code is formatted using isort and black. We also run a flake8 and pylint check on the code, with some exceptions, such as ignoring bad-continuation (C0330) errors. Before your code can be reviewed, please make sure it passes these basic checks. We have also included a shell script in the home directory that you can use to format as well as check the code.

If you're adding new functionality that merits a quick unit test, please try to include that under the tests folder :).

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