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#!/usr/bin/env python
# coding=utf-8
import os
import sys
import zipfile
if os.path.exists('train.txt'):
print('Tokenized enwik8 already exists - skipping processing')
data = zipfile.ZipFile('').read('enwik8')
print('Length of enwik8: {}'.format(len(data)))
num_test_chars = 5000000
train_data = data[: -2 * num_test_chars]
valid_data = data[-2 * num_test_chars: -num_test_chars]
test_data = data[-num_test_chars:]
for fn, part in [('train.txt', train_data), ('valid.txt', valid_data), ('test.txt', test_data)]:
print('{} will have {} bytes'.format(fn, len(part)))
print('- Tokenizing...')
part_str = ' '.join([str(c) if c != ord('\n') else '\n' for c in part])
print('- Writing...')
f = open(fn, 'w').write(part_str)
f = open(fn + '.raw', 'wb').write(part)