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🏆 Best Performance Benchmarks 🏆

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Best allows you to write benchmarks in the same way you write unit tests. This allows you to integrate Best into your CI workflow to create a consistent picture of your code's performance over time.

Reproducible Results: Best is designed to run on dedicated hardware, this means that you are running your benchmarks in the same environment everytime.

Expressive Metrics: Best comes packed with ability to measure all the types of metrics you might want to know.

GitHub Integration: If your team uses GitHub then you can easily create a GitHub App so that you can integrate Best into your Pull Request workflow.

The Best Frontend: Best comes built-in with a frontend dashboard that allows you to monitor your benchmarks over the time with each commit.

Getting Started

Ready to jump in? We recommend starting with The "Best" Manifesto first, and then once you have a solid understanding of how Best works, checking out the Developer Guide to read about how to get started!




To get setup to help contribute to Best, we have a guide for that too.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.