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@interactivellama interactivellama released this May 4, 2019 · 6316 commits to master since this release

Release 0.10.3

Major Features

  • ProgressBar: Add Component
  • ScopedNotification: Add Component
  • DynamicIcon: Add Component
  • Popover: Add edit-dialog variant

Minor Features

  • Dropdown: Add menu width prop
  • DatePicker: Triggers a console warning on using default parser
  • PageHeader: Remove all caps heading


  • Modal: fix error with dismissModalOnClickOutside
  • Tree Buttons: Adds aria-hidden=true to align with SLDS
  • Accordion: Add event parameter in example code
  • Update Popover to use section tag


  • Rename prop title to heading in Modal
  • Update PageHeader prop variant to accept kebab-case and otherwise show deprecation warning
  • Button Stateful: Changes background color to make the text more legible
  • Alert: Adds padding to story container to prevent overlap
  • AppLauncher: Changes icon text in tile to be consistent with heading
  • Progress Indicator: Adds vertical variant to docsite examples
  • Button: Add outline-brand variant to doc site examples
  • Deprecate custom content for Dropdown component
  • Add Icon Container assistive text in example
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