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@interactivellama interactivellama released this May 21, 2019 · 6367 commits to master since this release

Release 0.10.4

Major Features

  • BuilderHeader: Add component
  • Expandable Section: Add component

Minor Features

  • ProgressRing: Added flowDirection prop
  • Carousel: Add Mocha tests
  • Carousel: Add props to allow controlled component. assistiveText.autoPlayButton was changed to assistiveText.autoplayButton
  • Carousel: Align design closer to SLDS and update non-SLDS design
  • ProgressIndicator: Adds setup-assistant variant
  • Modal: Refactor border-radius render logic based on header and footer
  • GlobalNavigation: Align closer to SLDS
  • AppLauncher: Align closer to SLDS


  • Carousel: Prevent focus grab when slide changes
  • DataTable: Fixed header scrolling bugfix when tab is used
  • Illustration: Minor bugfix for style object


  • Add a Gitter chat badge to
  • Fix accessibility issues in doc site examples
  • GlobalNavigation: Add a11y exception to region
  • Sync up the package-lock.json file
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