Sep 20, 2018
removed extraneous get that should have been cleaned up in arch changes
Sep 17, 2018
fix typo from refactoring; resolve tag was not working
Sep 16, 2018
amazon does not want numbers in intents
Sep 16, 2018
large set of refactors for extensibility and ssml support
Sep 2, 2018
allow disabling of break ssml as it is causing problems with GDF plat…
Sep 1, 2018
fixes with google platform returning extra internal data
Aug 31, 2018
fixes with google platform config generation
Aug 28, 2018
fixes with the google platform integration
Aug 8, 2018
fixing complex cfl tags scenarios - say inside item, services using g…
…enerators, support for the quick attribute on say, resolves with promises finishing before following tags are run, etc
Aug 2, 2018
simplifying the local running scenario