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@@ -95,11 +95,11 @@ returns values or errors.
Service options
* :name => KingSoa.increment_usage calls IncrementUsage.perform
-* :url => url to which the request goes out in form of +[method] URL:Port+ examples: ( h_ttp prevents auto linking)
- 'h_ttp://my_uri':: defaults to a POST request without http verb
- 'GET h ttp://my_uri:6969':: GET to port 6969
- 'DELETE h_ttp://my_uri':: DELETE request
- 'PUT h_ttp://my_uri:6669':: PUT it down
+* :url => url to which the request goes out in form of +[method] URL:Port+ examples: ( http omitted to prevent auto linking)
+ '://my_uri':: POST request, default without http verb
+ 'GET ://my_uri:6969':: GET to port 6969
+ 'DELETE ://my_uri':: DELETE something
+ 'PUT ://my_uri:6669':: PUT it down
* :auth => optional authentication string OR integer, should also be known (defined) on the receiving side.
The remote side is always called the following url parameters. And its up to
@@ -132,6 +132,7 @@ Queued methods can not have return values => fire & forget
:queue => :deletions)
:queue => name of the queue as defined by resque. Actually used as prefix in redis
Example of a receiving resque worker class:
class DeleteUser
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