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KingTour Changelog


  • fixed expose CoverBottom to cover whole document

  • removed unused position switch(fixed/absolute) for expose cover and set position:abolute for all covers

  • some more documentation


  • new arrow's using css-triangles(borders) instead of css bg images - still work in progress

  • allow border for arrows in css


  • renamed to KingTour & adopted css

  • added options to set selectors for dialog popup & its content so custom html/css can be used in dialog template

  • renamed Aj.Control to Aj.Dialog

  • replaced table in help dialog with div's

  • more jQuery usage


  • removed hardcoded bubble template from skins folder

  • tour bubble templates can now be set via Aj.template. If not set a default html snippet will be used

  • added more jQuery usage


  • added open/close callbacks

  • added navigation keys: arrow upd/down, spacebar, quit

  • set tourStep in links for interpage tours(no more fromNext).

  • each tour step can now be referenced directly with an url


  • prevent inserting lazy loaded javascript/css twice into head => postFetch method

  • renamed setting mouseCanNavigate to mouseNav

  • kicked lots of unneeded ;


  • jQuery-fied the whole thing, does not work without jQuery anymore

  • replaced some internal dom handling with jQuery

  • replaced “id”-selector for tour steps with a more general “el” selector now fully dependent on jQuery and its $()=>jQuery() selector


  • removed colorScheme

  • removed coverOpacity / coverColor => set in css

  • added var declarations in several places

  • added jQuery selector to be used in step title definition => jq_selector: '.aClass'

  • dropped firebug helper