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SalesKing API Changelog

See commit messages for details. Also sign up to our Developer Newsletter to stay up-to-date!


  • Product remove lock_version


  • Update description to clarify number field decimal places length
  • Contact fix lead_ref/lead_source to be strings


  • Account: add document_id to relate a document to an account
  • Estimate: add close_date, probability percent, expected_revenue
  • Estimate: filter by close_date, updated_at, probability range
  • Contact: add sales_potential, probability percent, expected_revenue
  • Contact: filter by sales_potential range, probability range


  • add budget to account
  • add estimate_id to order


  • add ability to create products from line items
  • filter comments by related_object_ids
  • filter account_entries by document_ids
  • account_entries show related document and line item
  • new Task resource


  • add account billing object - BETA
  • add account default_price, default_unit, hide_fields
  • filter accounts by balance range, contact_ids
  • filter account entries by billing date, unbilled and billable


  • filter account entries by account ids


  • clarify team use: a team bubbles down from a contact to its documents and their related objects (comments, attachments, emails). On team change for a contact all related objects are updated with the new team.
  • Add accounts + account entries - BETA


  • add SEPA creditor_id for company
  • add SEPA fields for invoice, recurring: sepa_mandate_id, sepa_mandate_signed_at, sepa_debit_sequence_type
  • add SEPA Export types, remove old dta export types
  • search/filter contacts by organisation
  • line_item price_single is required,
  • line item empty tax,discount now return null instead of 0
  • filter documents by products (product_ids)


  • add cost_total, gross_margin to documents
  • rename product.cost_price to cost


  • remove use_product switch. Now copy product fields into item whenever a product_id is set.
  • remove required quantity and position, now defaulting to 1
  • add cost, cost_total, gross_margin


  • add net_total, gross_total to line item
  • add category_name, cost_price fields to product


  • fix docs for POST invoices/ID/payments to create payments
  • add auto_send setting for recurring, opens invoice,creates pdf, sends email
  • add recurring_id for invoices referencing the recurring from which the invoice was created
  • add filter[recurring_ids] to invoices
  • add link to all invoices in recurring
  • add filter[status] to all documents
  • add log field for emails, keeping potential error log
  • add BCC, CC, FROM fields for email templates
  • add items array to documents to be used instead of line_items
  • Deprecate line_items ! doc.items vs doc.line_items ! ONLY use ONE as long as both items and line_items are present! When updating objects we cannot figure out which array changed. In this case we prefer line_items for backwards compatibility. When using items: make sure to remove line_items before submitting an updated document!


  • add email filter "status" accepting sent,draft,in_progress strings, dropped sent/status filter


  • add payment_reminder "status" and filter by "status"
  • add payment "is_partial", replaces the "new_doc_status" parameter on POST create. Partial payments dont close the related document.
  • add payment "cash_discount", to explicitly set the cash discount amount withdrawn by a client
  • add "late_fee" to payments, for convient creation of a second payment for the last payment_reminder of an invoice


  • filter attachments by related_object_type
  • new PubSub channel for attachments
  • new attachments/{ID}/download url DEPRECATE attachment.url
  • add lead_date to contact
  • make contact.lead_ref + lead_source text fields


  • add path method to schema: SK::Api::Schema.path


Contacts/Client changes

  • New contact resource sporting client, lead, supplier contact types
  • mark contact as employee, getting number, organisation, vat/tax number from his parent
  • nested contacts
  • add contact, contact_id to all documents
  • add parent_id to contact, for contact nesting
  • remove client_id from param sort_by for doc list views (it makes no sense to sort by a UUID)
  • export_template, email_template.kind uses contact instead of client

DEPRECATED removed ~ 08.2013 prior notice via Developer Newsletter

  • client resource
  • document.client, document.client_id =>, doc.contact_id
  • documents?filter[client_ids] => filter[contact_ids]
  • oAuth scope for api/clients


  • add external_ref for line item
  • email "send" parameter can be set to false or 0 to prevent sending
  • email "from_addr" is not required
  • add new item types: devider_item, sub_total_item
  • add items for documents containing all items by type
  • add filter[tags] to products, mark price as required
  • add name-key to all objects containing the lowercased_underscored-name, PLEASE start using it instead of the title-field, which will be changed to its CamelCasedObjectName


  • add search filter to pdf_template, email_template
  • filter clients by ids - search for a list of comma separated uuids


  • add currency fields for documents, client, company and payment
  • add PDF template resource
  • drop 'method' from payment in favour of payment_method


  • maxLength for all string properties with limits
  • add "format":"text" to plain-text fields
  • search products by number


  • line item discount can be negative
  • tax and discount values with up to four decimal places
  • add payments link to invoice, credit_note
  • add due_date and due_days to order
  • Deprecate payment.method in favour of payment.payment_method bcs 'method' is a keyword in programming
  • test with


  • fix date type definitions
  • add empty links sections for address, line_item
  • add payment_method to order
  • deprecate gross_total for payment reminder


  • add notes field for client


  • add missing payment method to order
  • fix date & date-time type definitions
  • add empty links section to address, line item


  • added created_at search filter to clients and documents
  • added creator(user) search filter to clients and documents


  • search documents by number
  • maxLength information for client and address properties
  • allow tags edit, destroy


  • allow new documents with status closed
  • auto-set number+date for new open/closed documents


  • added language field to document, client, email-template
  • added filter[languages] for documents and clients, to search by one or more languages
  • added filter[client_ids] to documents, to search by one or multiple clients
  • added filter[ids] for documents, to find multiple specific documents
  • changed _delete property to _destroy for address, line_item
  • removed client_id requirement for documents


  • new hash_clean method for ruby schema reader class


  • added tags
  • added documents
  • reduced default objects in list to 10, max is 100
  • added field parameter to limit returned fields in ruby to_hash_from_schema & SK
  • added created_at & number filtering to client
  • added _delete field to line_item & address, to be able to destroy them since both are transfered within their parent object


  • added subscriptions
  • added memoizing to ruby schema reader


  • added moneybookers, premium_sms to payment methods
  • added auth_permission
  • added external_ref to documents
  • added company
  • added recurring
  • added source param to copy documents

##2010-11 - 2011-01

  • initial version
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