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Release notes
V 0.9, July 2013 / Serge Aleynikov
- Added type constraints to pattern matching, and object formatting:
var pat = Erlang.Object.Format("{A::int(), B::float(), C::string(), D::atom()}");
var obj = Erlang.Object.Format("{10, 20.0, "abc", echo}");
var binding = new Erlang.VarBind();
if (pat.match(obj, binding))
- Removed dependency on Microsoft's testing framework and replaced it with NUnit
- Added Erlang.Object.TermType enum
V 0.7, February 2011 / Serge Aleynikov
- Added pattern matching feature:
Erlang.Object.match(Erlang.Object, Erlang.VarBind)
- Added compilation of an Erlang term from a string:
Erlang.Object term = Erlang.Object.Format("{test, 1, ~w, [2,3,4]}", 'a')
V 0.6, January 2011 / Serge Aleynikov
- Added support for RPC cast
- Implemented some bug fixes
V 0.5, January 2009 / Serge Aleynikov
- More robust error handling
- Added delegates for connection state changes
- Support for pid monitors
- Support for short node names
- Optional disabling of local epmd registration and
inhibiting creation of connection acceptor
- Support for local processing of io_request's
- RPC API extended to supply the pid of a local io server mailbox.
- Support for IEEE 754 double encoding/decoding
- Support for big-num decoding.
- Otp.Erlang.Tuple and Otp.Erlang.List now take variable number
of parameters
- Argument lists of OtpNode and OtpConnection constructors changed
(some of these changes are not fully backward-compatible).
V 0.3, September 2006 / Paul Shaffer
Some fixes and VS projects have been contributed by Paul, mainly to support R11B.
1. modified abstractnode.cs, abstractconnection.cs to support extended ports and sids.
2. Fixed lack of double parsing in double.cs. Code much simpler than the java version.
3. moved erlang password to app.config file. This is easier for .net programmers,
but I left the old code in place, commented out.
V 0.2, May 2004 / Vlad Dumitrescu
This is a direct conversion from the Java code of jinterface-
(from R9C-0). It should therefore be pretty stable and deserve a version number
closer to 1, but I'd like first to have it tested by more people.
I used a CloneObject class written by Amir Harel
( There's no copyright notice
accompanying the code, so I contacted the author (no answer yet).
I've been using Borland's C#Builder. There are some VisualStudio files, but they
aren't current. I'll try to fix them when I get to work (where I have MS tools).
Known issues:
- OtpSelf.accept() won't work, because of some issues with member visibility in
System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient. The workaround is to always initiate connections
from the C# node. [*]
- If running the test program several times in a row, sometimes it succeeds to
connect, sometimes it doesn't. I haven't figured out if it's a real problem or a
timeout in the Erlang node (not allowing connections to be made too often).
- tracing level can now only be set in the code, because I don't know what would
be the replacement for .properties files in C#.
- I am not sure about the thread synchronization stuff in GenericQueue. It really
hits me to rediscover how gory it can be to do concurrency in anything else than
Have fun!