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Presentation 2019 at Sustainable Knowledge Graphs and AI
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Wikidata friend or foo short presentation at Sustainable Knowledge Graphs and AI

Repository for a short presentation 2019 at Sustainable Knowledge Graphs and AI

Trust and Turf




GITHUB repositories worth checking

Wikidata / Wikibase



Wikicommons and depict + relative position in Image ---> IIIF

Using Wikidata as a hub for Swedish culture properties

Lesson learned is if people start add referencies we will se rather soon how fast new sources are added as we will have an overlap e.g. National Archive of Sweden, National Library of Sweden and

Wikidata tasks

Using Wikidata for Literary signs in Stockholm -

  • List/Map ==> we could easily present the authors in Wikipedia in more languages using the mobile settings of the phone using
  • Task T220710 qrpedia

Using Wikidata for an Openair museum Skansen and connect with Open Street map

Using Wikidata for Swedish church parishes to make life easeier doing Genealogy


  • Using the same data to help a Genealogy company to get navigation using maps Task T199907


  • Giving Family Search access to free church books from +1000 pages with 4 lines in the code Task T200515

Family Search

Using Wikidata for adding +1500 discussion groups about genealogy on a map


Adding Linked data to a book about graves in a Swedish Church and maybe in the future do indoor navigation

A check how books are represented in a Linked Data solution from the National Library of Sweden LIBRISXL and at the Swedish National Heritage Board in SAMLA [RAÄ) The book

The church

Tools and Resources

Trust and Turf picture from FutureLearn "Introduction to strategic doing"

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