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@benmwebb benmwebb tagged this 22 Oct 20:29
- A new IMP::pmi module was added, containing high-level Python classes to
  simplify the representation, scoring, sampling and analyzing of models
  in IMP. This module is still under heavy development, and should be
  considered experimental.

- Binary installers for 64-bit Windows are now available.

- The `.py` extension has been removed from all Python applications, so that
  they are consistent with the C++ extensions.

- IMP::atom::Selection objects can now be combined using basic set operations
  (union, intersection, difference, symmetric difference). In Python the
  equivalent operators (|, &, -, ^ respectively) can be used.

- The integrative docking (idock) application now employs SOAP to improve
  the scoring.

- IMP::atom::CHARMMParameters::create_topology() now works with a wider range
  of hierarchies (previously it would only accept Residues that were direct
  children of Chains). For example, it should do the right thing when given
  a Hierarchy that contains no Chain particles, or one where Residues are
  grouped under Fragments.

- Only Python 2.6 or later is now supported. We still provide IMP for
  RedHat Enterprise 5 (which ships with Python 2.4) but you will need to use
  the `python26` binary (part of EPEL) rather than the system default Python.
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