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These scripts demonstrate the use of bayesian metamodeling of complex biological systems across varying representations.

Authors: Liping Sun, Barak Raveh




  • matlab: The scripts are built upon and work with Matlab.
  • bnt: Bayes Net Toolbox for Matlab.

To get started:

  • Either use the bnt version here (under bnt_master/), or download a recent version of bnt here:

  • If downloaded, apply two minor bugfixes on bnt:

    • Disable line 132 of /Your-Path-To/bnt-master/BNT/learning/learn_params_dbn_em.m.
     125- loglik = 0;
     126- for l=1:length(cases)
     127-   evidence = cases{l};
     128-   if ~iscell(evidence)
     129-     error('training data must be a cell array of cell arrays')
     130-   end
     131-   [engine, ll] = enter_evidence(engine, evidence);
     132-   % assert(~isnan(ll))
     133-   loglik = loglik + ll;
     134-   T = size(evidence, 2);
    • Wrap line 85 with the following if statement in /Your-Path-To/bnt-master/BNT/general/mk_bnet.m.
     85-  if length(mems)>=1
     86-    bnet.rep_of_eclass(e) = mems(1);
     87-  end
  • Add the path of the bnt package:

1- addpath(genpathKPM('/Your-Path-To/bnt-master'))

List of files and directories:

  • data contains the data of six input models and the metamodel including:
    • JSON files with the values of model parameters and variables:
    • GI.dat with the observed values for the glucose intake after a meal
    • Gb_kt_input_err101.dat and Gb_kt_input_sigma101.dat with the input values for different accuracy and precision of model variables G_B and kt
    • 072919-INS1e-30min-Enrichment-analysis-cleaned-summary.xlsx with the data for the metabolism model
  • scripts contains all the bnet scripts for metamodeling, please refer to in scripts for more details
  • bnt_master contains Bayes Net Toolbox for Matlab with the bugfixes.