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#Thimble Bridging the gap between budding fashion designers and small boutiques.




Thimble is a virtual tradeshow that connects budding fashion designers to small boutiques owner. The application is a web application that allows designers to upload their lookbooks as well as their line sheets, and lets buyers upload profiles of themselves. Thimble also has discovery functionality that allows both parties to find similar styles and in the future allow buyers to make wholesale orders from designers.

##Customer Segmentation

Two customers: Budding fashion designers who are trying to launch their careers but have limited traction in the market. They would use this system to engage buyers who they previously wouldn't have access to so they can sell wholesale.

Buyers and owners of small boutiques who previously do not have an easily accessible pool of budding fashion designers. The buyers and boutiques would use this application to connect with new designers and make wholesale purchases.

##Value Proposition

Value Proposition: Thimble bridges the gap between budding fashion designers and small boutiques/buyers through a virtual tradeshow allowing both parties to do wholesale business, which in the past would not have been easily possible.

Features that facilitate this relationship include e-lookbooks for designers to showcase their work, e-linesheets for buyers to see the detailed specs behind a designers collection, and ability for both parties to discover each other using our tagging and search functionality.

Technology Stack

  • Django
  • AWS S3
  • Cloudinary
  • Heroku
  • Postgres
  • New Relic
  • Fabric
  • selenium
  • Gunicorn

##Operating System

Go to
Login as a buyer:
username: rhea
password: rhea
Login as a Designer:
username: cutkin
password: test

##Key Resources

##Dream Team

  • Clayton Gentry (Business)
  • Salil Gupta (Developer)
  • Ryan Madden (Developer)
  • Henry Spindell (Developer)
  • Chacko Poothicote (Business)
  • Nihar Bobba (Business)

##Trouble Shooting Contact Salil Gupta at

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