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You may also check out as an alternative to this app.

This app works great on a mobile browser as well.

The Great Allegheny Passage Map

My friends and I did the GAP biking trail May 2015 and it was a great experience. However, to make planning for the trip easier we made this interactive information map for the trai to help finding shops of various kinds, wheather, elevation information and etc. as easy as possible for different locations on the map. I hope you find it useful.

This app helps you find the closest repair shops, camping grounds and restaurants on the GAP trail to help you plan the next leg of your trip better. Shows elevation map and weather reports as well.

More to be added...

Try out the app at

If you find our map useful feel free to share it anywhere

If you want to embed it on your website, feel free to use the code snippit below:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

If you decided to shareembed it on your website ** Please cite the orginal URL posted above **

Hope you enjoy it and find it useful

My friend wrote a blog post about our trip here: blog



The Great Allegany Passage Map






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