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👨 About Me - A summary of who I am, what I like and what I work on.
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About Me

I'm a 28 years old software engineer based in Helsinki, Finland. I'm originally from Iran and have been living and working in Finland since 2015. I'm the co-creator of Buttercup and co-founder of MadDev, a company that my friend and colleague (Perry) and I have founded together as a result of creating Buttercup. I'm also the Lead Engineer in Tieto as my day job.

This repo is meant to give you an idea about my work and career as a programmer, and more importantly, a place to remind myself of things that matter to me.

This document is a Work in Progress. I doubt that it will be an interest to anyone but myself, but if you're curious, you can watch the repo for changes.

Table of Contents

Programming Languages

  • JavaScript (and it's family) is my main programming language and I use it at work and for my own projects too. I especially like the typed variations of JavaScript (namely Typescript and Flow) and I use NodeJS for systems programming and embedded systems too.
  • Rust. I have been learning and experimenting with Rust for a while. I'll be using it for systems/server programming.
  • Swift. I learned Swift a while back to make my own native iOS app. I've been using it here and there for solving some problems.
  • PHP. Before the Javascript revolution (2009+), I was a full-time php developer for many years. Github wasn't popular (and didn't exist) back then so I don't have much to show for it except the infamous (and now deprecated) JDateTime.

And many more languages that I had to learn and experiment with during my years as a programmer. Notably Java, QBasic, Visual Basic and C#. I'm open to learning new tools and languages and I appreciate good code in any language. But for the time being, my languages of choice will remain JS and Rust.

My Software


  • ⭐️: Very Active / Popular
  • ⚠️: Obsolete / Unmaintained
  • 🛠: Fork / Unoriginal Code / Inherited

JavaScript / TypeScript / NodeJS


VSCode Extensions & Themes


👉 And many more forks, hobbies and experiments...

Active Contributions

The projects I actively contribute to, or manage and maintain:

  • Buttercup - Buttercup is a free and open source password manager for Desktop, Mobile and Browsers. Perry and I have been working on Buttercup since September 2015.
  • Kap - Screen recorder for Mac.

My Writing


I'm streaming video and audio to the following services:

  • SoundCloud - Podcast in Persian
  • Youtube - Coding Live Streaming Sessions in English and Persian
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