A Laravel Bundle to help working with Jalali (Shamsi) Dates
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jDate Bundle for Laravel

This bundle helps developers to easily work with Jalali (Shamsi or Iranian) dates in Laravel applications, based on Jalali (Shamsi) DateTime class.


  • You can pass strings or raw timestamps to make dates. e.g: Next Tuesday
  • You can reforge the current date. e.g: +3 days
  • You can format date using strftime() parameters.


To install using artisan run the following CLI command:

php artisan bundle:install jdate

Or just copy the downloaded package to app/bundles

Then in application/bundles.php add:

'jdate' => array('auto' => true),


Some Examples

// default timestamp is now
$date = jDate::forge();

// pass timestamps
$date = jDate::forge(1333857600);

// pass strings to make timestamps
$date = jDate::forge('last sunday');

// get the timestamp
$date = jDate::forge('last sunday')->time(); // 1333857600

// format the timestamp
$date = jDate::forge('last sunday')->format('%B %d، %Y'); // دی 02، 1391

// get a predefined format
$date = jDate::forge('last sunday')->format('datetime'); // 1391-10-02 00:00:00
$date = jDate::forge('last sunday')->format('date'); // 1391-10-02
$date = jDate::forge('last sunday')->format('time'); // 00:00:00

// amend the timestamp value, relative to existing value
$date = jDate::forge('2012-10-12')->reforge('+ 3 days')->format('date'); // 1391-07-24

// get relative 'ago' format
$date = jDate::forge('now - 10 minutes')->ago() // ۱۰ دقیقه پیش


For help in building your formats, checkout the PHP strftime() docs.


The class relies on strtotime() to make sense of your strings, and strftime() to make the format changes. Just always check the time() output to see if you get false timestamps... which means the class couldn't understand what you were telling it.