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SoundCloud for macOS and Windows
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What is SoundCleod?

SoundCleod is a desktop application which brings SoundCloud to macOS and Windows without using a web browser.

Compared to using in a web browser like Chrome or Firefox you will get the following extras when using SoundCleod:

  • Dark mode
  • Desktop notifications
  • Control playback using media keys on the keyboard ( ❚❚ and friends)
  • True full screen without browser buttons
  • Control playback from the Notification Center using the Now Playing widget on macOS
  • Control playback from the macOS application menu
  • Stop playback when your computer goes to sleep
  • Close or hide all windows without interrupting playback

SoundCleod is a weird name. How to pronounce it?

How to get it?

Current version is 2.0.0 (May 19, 2020) see changes

For macOS

  • Download macOS installer from here
  • Locate the installer (.dmg) file in Finder
  • Double click on the installer file
  • Drag SoundCleod into your Applications folder
  • Double click SoundCleod in the Applications folder
  • Optionally drag SoundCleod from Applications into the Dock

Important! Minimum required macOS version is 10.10 (Yosemite).

For Windows

Important! Windows 7 or newer is required (only 64 bit, 32 bit Windows is not supported).

Using Homebrew Cask?

brew cask install soundcleod

Note: the homebrew method is supported by the Caskroom team, please report installation issues there.

Screenshots? Yeah!

SoundCleod screenshot

SoundCleod dark mode screenshot


To play SoundCloud:

Forks Using SoundCleod "Engine"

To play other stuff:

Contributing, reporting bugs

SoundCleod is an open source project built by Márton Salomváry released under MIT license. The project is hosted on GitHub, feel free to fork the code and make any changes you want. We even have documentation for first-time contributors!

Found a bug? Have a feature request? Create a GitHub issue.


Use at your own risk. It might destroy the Earth. Or better don't use it.

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