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Standalone Mac OS X browser for SoundCloud
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What's SoundCleod?

SoundCleod is a Mac OS X application which brings SoundCloud to the desktop without using a browser.

Why is that good?

  • No more 'trying to find in which tab is SoundCloud running'..
  • Media keys support! (Yeah, those with ▶ ❚❚ on them.)
  • Stops on suspend.

SoundCleod is a weird name. How to pronounce it?

How to get it?

Current version is 0.18 (May 15, 2015) see changes

  • Download from here
  • Double click the file.
  • Drag SoundCleod into your Applications folder.
  • Go to Applications, double click SoundCleod.
  • Optionally drag SoundCleod from Applications into the Dock.

Important! Minimum required OSX version is 10.7.x (Lion).

Using Homebrew Cask?

brew cask install soundcleod

Note: the homebrew method is supported by the Caskroom team, please report installation issues there.

Screenshots? Yeah!

SoundCleod screenshot


To play SoundCloud:

Forks Using SoundCleod "Engine"

To play other stuff:


Use at your own risk. It might destroy the Earth. Or better don't use it.

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