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Contributing to SoundCleod

First of all, thank you for taking the time to contribute!

The following is a set of guidelines for contributing to SoundCleod. These are not rules carved into stone, feel free to bend them when necessary;)

If your are new to developing SoundCleod head to the development docs.

Submitting bug reports

Please do not report issues with here. If you found a bug or have some other problem using SoundCloud's website or mobile apps please contact SoundCloud through one of their support channels directly.

Besides a clear explanation of what problem you are facing please provide the following details:

  • What SoundCleod version you are using
  • What operating system you are using (with version)
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue
  • Screenshots when applicable

Requesting or adding new features

SoundCleod is meant to be a lightweight desktop application for Although there are thousands of ways to extend the functionality of both the application and the website please be very considerate when coming up with new ideas.

These are the new features that are welcome in SoundCleod:

  • Things users can do when using with traditional web browsers but not with SoundCleod
  • Improving desktop integration of SoundCleod as a media player

There are a few things that will not be accepted:

  • Adding features to or removing existing ones
  • Removing ads from (consider buying SoundCloud Go subscription to remove ads)
  • Anything that makes copyright infringement possible or easy
  • Anything that makes spamming possible or easy
  • Changes introducing security risk

Submitting pull requests

There are a few conventions to follow:

  • Indent with two spaces
  • No semicolons in JavaScript
  • Change one thing only in a pull request
  • Make sure there are no failing tests, code quality and styling errors (npm run verify must pass)
  • Keep commit messages short
  • Use the present tense in commit messages ("Add feature" not "Added feature")
  • Use the imperative mood in commit messages ("Move cursor to..." not "Moves cursor to...")