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MagicMirror² module that displays a random quote from various movies, books, and people.
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MagicMirror² Module: Quote Catalog

The MagicMirror-QuoteCatalog is a module for MagicMirror² that displays quotes taken from a variety of sources - movies, books, and people. Because this module does not use an API, new ones have to be manually added by editing the random_quotes.js file and adding/removing quotes.



Remote to your MM2-box with your terminal software and go to your MagicMirror's Module folder:

cd ~/MagicMirror/modules

Clone the repository:

git clone

Go to the modules folder:

cd MagicMirror-QuoteCatalog

Install the dependencies:

npm install

Add the module to the modules array in the config/config.js file by adding the following section. You can change this configuration later when you see this works:

    module: 'MagicMirror-QuoteCatalog',
    header: 'The Quote Catalog',
    position: 'top_left',
    config: {
                // See below for configurable options

Configuration options

Option Description
timeFormat How often a new quote gets displayed. The value is in seconds.

Possible values: int in seconds
Default value: 300
fadeSpeed How fast to fade out and back in when changing quotes. The value is in seconds.

Possible values: int in seconds
Default value: 5

Updating Quotes

Because an API is not used for this module, the quotes will have to be updated/changed manually. You can edit the QuoteCatalog.js file and add/remove quotes.

Special Thanks

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