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CivicTheme - Development source site

Mono-repo used to maintain CivicTheme and accompanying modules that are automatically published to another repositories on release.

CircleCI Drupal 9



Content profiles

Local environment setup

  • Make sure that you have latest versions of all required software installed:
  • Make sure that all local web development services are shut down (Apache/Nginx, Mysql, MAMP etc).
  • Checkout project repository (in one of the supported Docker directories).
  • pygmy up
  • ahoy build

Apple M1 adjustments

Copy default.docker-compose.override.yml to docker-compose.override.yml.

Build process

  1. Builds fresh site from GovCMS Drupal profile. Use ahoy install-site to rebuild.
  2. Enables additional modules required for development by installing civictheme_dev module.
  3. Enables civictheme theme and imports its configuration.
  4. Creates civictheme_demo sub-theme using provided scaffolding script and sets it as a default theme.
  5. Enables civictheme_admin module for admin UI enhancements.
  6. Enables civictheme_govcms module to remove out-of-the-box GovCMS content types.
  7. Enables civictheme_content module to add default content to installation.
  8. Enables civictheme_migrate module to enable migrations.


Please refer to development documentation.


Please refer to testing documentation.


Please refer to CI documentation.


Please refer to deployment documentation.


Please refer to releasing documentation.


Please refer to FAQs.

More about CivicTheme

For additional information, please refer to the Documentation site