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import React from 'react';
import { Dispatcher } from 'flux';
import { Record as record, fromJS, List } from 'immutable';
import masterReducer from '../reducers/masterReducer';
import apiCallEffectHandler from '../effects-handlers/apiCallEffectHandler';
import InsertTodoForm from './InsertTodoForm';
import TodoItemsList from './TodoItemsList';
* This Reduction record describes the reduction schema returned by Reducers.
* It contains a map that represents our single application state Atom
* and it also contains list of effects. An Effect is just a message.
* A message is a pair of type and payload.
const Reduction = record({
appState: fromJS({
todos: [],
loading: false
effects: List.of()
export default class TodoList extends React.Component {
constructor() {
const dispatcher = new Dispatcher();
// This is actually the top-level store, composing Reducers and applying effect handlers.
dispatcher.register((action) => {
let reduction = this.state.reduction;
// Let's store all actions so that we can replay them.
const actionLog = this.state.actionLog.push(action);
// We want to purge the list of effects before every action.
reduction = reduction.set('effects', List.of());
// Only master reducer is executed here
reduction = masterReducer(reduction, action);
// All effect handlers are handled here.
reduction.get('effects').forEach(apiCallEffectHandler.bind(null, dispatcher));
// Let's set the reduction back to the Component's state,
// This will result in re-render of any pure views whose
// props have changed.
this.setState({reduction, actionLog});
// We will keep the dispatcher, reduction and action log in the root component's state.
// A portion of this state is passed down the component hierarchy to the corresponding
// components.
this.state = {
dispatcher: dispatcher,
reduction: new Reduction(),
actionLog: List.of() // This is only for debugging, so we replay actions
// If there is hot-reloading available:
// We want to replay all actions after the code has been refreshed
if ( { => setTimeout(() => window.replay()));
componentDidUpdate() {
// The method is here only for hot-reloading.
window.replay = () => {
// We take the action log and reduce it in the master reducer,
// passing it an initial empty reduction.
// We empty the effect list so that we don't replay them.
const reduction = this.state
.reduce(masterReducer, new Reduction())
.set('effects', List.of());
render() {
if (this.state.reduction.getIn(['appState', 'loading'])) {
return <div>API call in progress</div>;
return (
<InsertTodoForm dispatcher={this.state.dispatcher} />
<TodoItemsList todos={this.state.reduction.getIn(['appState', 'todos'])} dispatcher={this.state.dispatcher} />